The 'lowest point ever in Chesterfield FC's history' - the thoughts of our fan writer Roland Gent

September 7th 2019 the new low in the history of Chesterfield FC.
Chesterfield are bottom of National League after yesterday's defeat.Chesterfield are bottom of National League after yesterday's defeat.
Chesterfield are bottom of National League after yesterday's defeat.

We’ve all seen some rubbish in our time, things have also often been good, but I’ve never looked at my TV screen to see Chesterfield bottom of the non-league.

It’s come to this, losing to Bromley, the absolute worst position the club has ever been in, players arguing with fans after the match and no wins in 10 games.

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So, where does the club go from here? well unless things change, it continues its downward spiral into oblivion.

Are you in our fans gallery?Every opposition manager can see how to beat Chesterfield, the team is lop-sided and has a slow defence, it doesn’t matter which way John Sheridan lines up his team, there’s going to be an obvious deficiency somewhere on the pitch.

What's the latest surrounding John Sheridan's future?Will Evans reacts to Bromley defeatThe fan base is now split into two factions, those who think the team is awful and we have no hope; and those who think the team is awful and we could squeak out of it, if money is spent right now.

In order to get out of relegation to National League North and the end of professional football at the Proact, the club needs to sign at least three capable players, in the right positions, as soon as possible.

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Perturbing to many, is the fact that we’ve heard so many conflicting stories from the club.

Dave Allen said that Sheridan can have whatever funds he wants, the manager has also said that he doesn’t need any more players. Chesterfield clearly do need some decent players, quickly, and a cull of five or six first teamers can’t come too quickly for most fans. Is any money available or are these just sound-bites to keep the public happy?

Ten games played 19 goals conceded. That tells you all you need to know. Our new captain Anthony Gerrard, who was actually on the wish list of a few other clubs in the close season, conducted a rather sorry interview online which I feel indicated to many that things are probably worse than we thought behind the scenes.

The home game with Halifax put the final nail in the coffin for most die-hards, players not taking responsibility, opposition midfielders allowed to run straight through our “defence” and Halifax allowed to score from a free header.

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Halifax played in a nice neat passing style and Chesterfield booted the ball in a long and hopeful effort to create something, it was no surprise that we lost. Against Bromley we went back to basics, played 4-4-2, and still lost.

Poor doesn’t come into it; many fans are on web sites asking why should they pay money again to watch that rubbish? The answer is, they won’t.