Jealous man struck his ex after row over texts

Court report.Court report.
Court report.
A former partner slapped his ex during a row over a mobile phone and he went on to smash a window at her home after she locked him out.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on June 28 how Kristen Lee Cheetham, 25, of Park Avenue, South Wingfield, pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex and to damaging a window.

Prosecuting solicitor Sarah Haslam said: “The relationship ended due to his behaviour and arguing and he was quite controlling checking where she was and he became jealous.”

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Mrs Haslam added Cheetham slapped his ex on April 13 after they had a row about her mobile phone and Cheetham claimed his ex had been texting a man.

Cheetham also visited his ex’s home on June 6, according to Mrs Haslam, and accused her of being unfaithful before she locked him out and he smashed a window. He told police he went to the address to see his son and denied he had been abusive and claimed he had only tapped the window but it had broken. The defendant claimed she had told him she did not want him anymore and he had been left depressed.

Magistrates adjourned the case until July 5 before sentencing.

Cheetham was released on conditional bail on the grounds he does not contact his ex.