Gentleman's Dub Club promise special treats in Sheffield's live show

Gentleman’s Dub Club, stalwarts of the UK dub/ska/reggae music scene, are eagerly looking forward to playing in Sheffield during their headline tour.

Tuesday, 1st March 2022, 5:30 am
Gentleman's Dub Club will perform at The Leadmill, Sheffield, on March 17, 2022 (photo: Daisy Honeybunn).
Gentleman's Dub Club will perform at The Leadmill, Sheffield, on March 17, 2022 (photo: Daisy Honeybunn).

The band will perform at The Leadmill on March 17 where their 2021 hit song, Honey, is bound to be on the playlist.

With eight albums under their belts and their reputation for drawing crowds of 10,000-plus at major festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival and Boomtown, Gentleman’s Dub Club are raring to hit the road.

Vocalist Jonathan Scratchley said: “I’m as excited about being together with my mates for four weeks as I am about the shows themselves, which are going to be amazing.”

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Bassist Toby Davies added: “Our live show is the core of what we do and it’s all about people getting together, having a good time and enjoying music, all dancing, drinking and whatever.

”The connection we have with so many fans that we’ve seen time and time again is something we are so grateful for. Them coming back to see us every time means the world to us, so to get to see them all again is the thing we’re most looking forward to, as well as seeing some new faces. We’ve got some special treats prepared.

"We’ve forged our sound over the years doing live gigs, playing house parties and so on, initially in Leeds, then all around the north and it all grew from there, so it really is such a centre point of our identity."

When the pandemic put paid to performing live, Gentleman’s Dub Club hunkered down and wrote their latest album Down to Earth. Toby said: “Writing the album during that time was a real saviour for us, even just by giving us an excuse to hang out on Zoom, as it was for work, was a godsend. It gave us a really good opportunity to use that time effectively and we’re really proud that we did. Without that writing period, we’d definitely have been in a really bad way. Coming back to the live show with no new music for it wouldn’t have been a healthy place to be in, so it was a lifesaver for us.”

Their first gig back after lockdown was at an amusement park in Devon. Toby said: “We eased into it, it was all good and a nice set-up, then there was suddenly this moment where it felt like everything just ramped up, but it wasn’t coming from us or the crowd specifically, it was just like everyone woke up and we all realised collectively that we were here again, and everything dialled up to the max. The energy from that point on was unbelievable. We’d done a few socially distanced gigs before that, which were great, but there was still that insecurity looming over everything in the summer, so when it finally got back to proper shows, it was an incredible feeling.”

Reggae musician Kiko Bun will support Gentleman’s Dub Club on their Down to Earth tour.

Tickets cost £18.50 for the show at The Leadmill. Go to