Dave Allen to "search wider field" for Chesterfield FC buyer after local consortium has "struggled to make any progress"

Dave Allen says he will now “search a wider field” to find a buyer for Chesterfield FC after a local consortium’s attempt to buy the Spireites has “struggled to make any progress”.
Chesterfield FC owner Dave Allen.Chesterfield FC owner Dave Allen.
Chesterfield FC owner Dave Allen.

The local consortium of business owners and fans has been in talks with buying the club since October.

Last month a spokesperson for the consortium said a deal had “virtually been agreed”.

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In a statement sent to the Derbyshire Times, Mr Allen said: “I would have preferred to deal with people in Chesterfield but it is apparent that they can not come up with the money and so we will now have to search a wider field and we will endeavour to find an alternative buyer as soon as possible.”

While Chesterfield FC company secretary, Ashley Carson, said: “Following both parties reaching a satisfactory deal, after several weeks the consortium has struggled to make any progress with raising the necessary funds.

“All necessary management accounts and cashflow has been supplied by the club and I guess this does not help the situation, as the costs of running the club are so high.

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“I also recognise the fact that the current league position is also not helping the appetite of any would be purchaser.

“Dave Allen’s preferred purchaser would have been the local fans and supporters and during this period we have refrained from talking to other parities.

“Both he Dave Allen and I remain totally dedicated to a total sale of the club and both walking away with absolutely no future links.

“We will now continue our search for a purchaser of the club and it is in effectively now back on the market.”

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He added: “I have also held back on any AGM being called, as we wanted the new owners to be present, this is now looking most unlikely in the next couple of months and so I will now work towards calling one, probably late January or early February.”

We have asked the local consortium for a comment and are awaiting their response.