People still awaiting refunds following closure of The Avenue in Chesterfield

A number of people are still awaiting refunds following the closure of a Chesterfield venue, the Derbyshire Times understands.

Many people paid for gigs at The Avenue before it shut in the summer.

The Avenue in Chesterfield.

The Avenue in Chesterfield.

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On October 29, the Derbyshire Times published a story about how Chesterfield resident Craig Bennison wanted his money back for one of the shows.

At the time, Paul Birch, owner of The Avenue, said: "I can confirm that we are now down to less than 100 tickets to be refunded and everyone should be refunded within the next seven to 10 days. We have been working through this with our insurance company so that everyone gets their full refund."

After that story was published, Mr Benison, 44, said he received his £100 back.

Now, Claire Jayes has contacted the Derbyshire Times to say she has still not been refunded despite contacting The Avenue on several occasions.

Claire, 47, of Nottingham, said she was in contact with a number of other people in the same position as her and added: "It's shocking."

The Derbyshire Times contacted The Avenue about the situation but had not received a response at the time of publication.

Asked if The Avenue would reopen in the future, Mr Birch previously told the Derbyshire Times: "Personally I can't see us reopening in the same spot."

The Avenue opened on Beetwell Street at the end of 2016, calling itself 'the largest independent music venue in the UK' with a capacity for 1,800 people.

When it launched, Mr Birch said he wanted to help rejuvenate Chesterfield's nightlife.

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