Anna-marie Perrin writes: "My rescue Reggie....been with me three years."

More Staffordshire bull terrier owners in Derbyshire share why they make great pets in 25 photos

Staffordshire bull terrier owners in Derbyshire who have rescue dogs say they make devoted pets.

Sunday, 1st August 2021, 10:25 pm

The Derbyshire Times Facebook page has been flooded with comments and photos of the breed which Chesterfield RSPCA has said is the most difficult to rehome.

Dog owners shared photos and explained why their beloved dogs make such good pets.

And we have been inundated with even more photos so have put together another gallery.

Angela Gill has had a rescue Staffie for six years and said: “She doesn’t leave my side.”

Lindsey Wheeler’s pet Ruby came from the RSPCA six years ago. “She’s a little angel,” said Lindsey.

Ian Smith said: “if you can rescue a Staff, do it. My Staffordshire pitbull terrier was my best friend, she was everything to me, the perfect dog. I can hardly talk about her without breaking down.”

The RSPCA says that Staffies spend at least 47 days in their kennels waiting for adoption compared to the average 38 days for other dog breeds.

Rescue pets are included in the photo gallery that devoted Staffie owners have sent to the Derbyshire Times Facebook page.

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