Chesterfield market trader slams Facebook moaners

A Chesterfield councillor and market trader has hit out at people who sit behind a screen and moan on Facebook – spouting unsubstantiated nonsense and generally being miserable as sin.
Chesterfield's Ed Fordham.Chesterfield's Ed Fordham.
Chesterfield's Ed Fordham.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Ed Fordham runs a book stall on the town’s historic market.

He said Chesterfield has a ‘great market and local Facebook users should stop knocking it’.

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“If just 20% of the people who knock Chesterfield and Chesterfield market as being ‘dead and hopeless’ actually shopped in the market, supported local traders and stopped posting knocking messages, the market would be 100 per cent stronger,” he added.

“I get up early two or three mornings a week to stand on the market and it’s great and special – but to get home and read the negative and unfair and inaccurate comments is debilitating.

“And I’m willing to challenge and say – ‘use it or lose and please please stop knocking it’.

“The town has one of the largest, best and most successful regular open markets in the country – and you run it down at your peril.

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“It’s not the rents – they are impressively low – so don’t make up a story of ‘I heard it was the rent’. The council does everything it can on rent. And don’t say it’s the choice – there is little that the market doesn’t sell.

“And if you care about climate change and sustainability then the market is one of the most progressive for refills, for low packaging and for items for sale for re-use.

“It’s up to you – but a personal plea from me: if you’re gonna whinge, keep it to yourself as what I am reading is largely armchair nonsense and rose-tinted fiction.

“Shopping patterns have changed – we all know that – but today and this week and where you shop, that’s fundamentally up to you.

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“Things can be better and I’m keen (always) to hear suggestions – but anyone just complaining is tedious.

“Thank you for reading. And if you agree – say so.”

Coun Fordham shared the above with the Derbyshire Times and on his Facebook page, where he has received lots of support and many positive comments.

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