LETTER: Call Scotland's bluff and grant independence

Nicola Sturgeon MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) is First Minister, in my view, of a tin pot parliament of a small nation of about five million folks.

Sunday, 26th March 2017, 10:00 am

Yet I feel she tries to blackmail our Government into changing its Brexit policy. Let’s call her bluff.

England is leaving the European Union and how about telling the Scottish National Party (SNP) that at the same time we are giving Scotland its independence, whether it wants it or not.

English taxpayers subsidise Scotland’s education system, social care system and almost everything else as, indeed, we do for the Welsh and those in the six counties of Ulster (three of Ulster’s counties are already in the Republic).

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So-called nationalist parties in these places are clamouring for independence so let’s give it to them and good riddance. How much better will England be without the EU and these others like millstones round our necks.

Granville Stone