Opinion: Chesterfield should ban 'fan' for life if found guilty of sending racist tweet to Mansfield Town's Mal Benning

If it is found that the person who sent a racist tweet to Mansfield Town’s Mal Benning is a Chesterfield fan then they should be banned by the club for life.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 5:04 pm

It is as simple as that.

There is no place for racism and football rivalry cannot be used as an excuse to send such disgusting abuse – which has now been deleted – because there is no justification whatsoever.

The tweet was sent to The Stags player from someone whose Twitter handle is '@SheridanOut' and claims to be called ‘Rhys’.

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The account the tweet was sent from uses a profile picture of black Chesterfield player Mike Fondop.

The same account posted a brazen reply of ‘good luck’ to police when they said they were investigating the incident.

Within hours police had identified the person, making a total mockery of the person’s stupid response.

In a statement Chesterfield FC club officials have condemned the post aimed at Benning.

And Kick it Out has said: “We’ve reached out to Mal following the disgusting racist abuse aimed at him yesterday.

“We’re pleased the police are investigating and hope the person is brought to justice.”

In my opinion, if found guilty, the person should never be allowed to step foot inside the Proact again.

Benning himself has tweeted: “Not experienced much “racism” as one of very few Asian players in the professional game. But there is no need for this no matter what race you are or what team you support!”

Spireites fans have been quick to rightly slam the person responsible and have sent messages of support to Benning who plays for Chesterfield's fierce rivals.

What gives someone the right to think they can send such a message?

What did they get out of it?

Looking at similar previous cases the person could – and should – be facing a lifetime ban as well as a court appearance.

It baffles me and angers me that someone can hide behind an anonymous online account and think they can get away with it.

It is cowardly and pathetic.

Anyone with any relevant information relating to this matter should email [email protected] in confidence.