National League chairman Brian Barwick to step down from role at end of season

National League chairman Brian Barwick has revealed he will step down from the role at the end of the season.

Tuesday, 6th April 2021, 5:05 pm

It comes as all 66 clubs in the top three divisions of non-league have been submitting their views on a no confidence motion.

It is believed that if 10 per cent of clubs vote in favour then this will trigger an EGM.

Reasons for the motion, aimed at Barwick and the National League board, included imposing fines and sanctions on clubs for not fulfilling fixtures, a lack of transparency and being asked to vote on resolutions that they were ‘very unhappy’ about, amongst many other concerns.

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Brian Barwick is to step down as National League chairman at the end of the season.
Brian Barwick is to step down as National League chairman at the end of the season.

The proposal was put forward by Maidstone United and seconded by Dorking Wanderers, both of the National League South.

Clubs had until midday on Monday to have their say.

The former Football Association chief executive said it was the 'most difficut 12 months of my career’ in an interview with The Times.

In an official statement, he also said: “After careful consideration I formally told the National League board in February that I intended to step down at the end of the 2020/21 season.

“I think it is the right time to relinquish the role - and give somebody else the great privilege of leading the organisation.

"Since 2015, I believe the competition has continued to grow in stature and profile, sent strong clubs up into the EFL and built up a formidable and loyal set of commercial and broadcast partnerships.

"Our 66 clubs remain the life-blood of our competition and a vital part of their local communities.

“I also acknowledge just how tough it has been for many of our clubs over the past 12 months facing the unprecedented challenges brought on by the Covid pandemic.”

National League vice-chairman, Jack Pearce, said: “Brian’s appointment signified a change of direction by the National League in 2015 for the benefit of the competition.

“Whilst it would be easy to reflect on what has been a very challenging year for football, not only the National League, the progression of the competition over this six-year period has been greater than we could have expected.”

General manager, Mark Ives, added: “His knowledge and determination has been exceptional. We are all grateful for his support over the years.”