National League board and chairman facing 'no confidence' vote due to 'major crisis'

The National League’s board and chairman Brian Barwick are facing a ‘vote of no confidence’ by its member clubs.

Monday, 29th March 2021, 2:50 pm

All 66 clubs, including Chesterfield, have been asked whether will they back a no confidence motion because ‘football at our level is in a major crisis at present’.

The proposal has been made by Maidstone United and seconded by Dorking Wanderers.

Clubs have been asked to submit their views this week.

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National League chairman Brian Barwick.

The letter reads: “Although the terrible Covid pandemic is at the origin of the problems, the management of the crisis by the National League board has been inadequate from the beginning. It is now the subject of widespread anger and ridicule.”

In the letter it says 10 per cent of clubs need to be in favour of calling an emergency general meeting, at which the no confidence vote would be taken.

“It is a necessary first step along the road to better governance at our levels of the pyramid structure,” the letter states.

Some of the reasons listed for the no confidence proposal include last week’s decision to impose fines and sanctions on clubs for not fulfilling fixtures, a lack of transparency and because they were asked to vote on resolutions that they were ‘very unhappy’ about amongst many other concerns.

“As a result of these and other failings, we believe matters have gone too far and the decision-makers must be held to account. We wish to call an EGM urgently and submit a single resolution: the meeting has no confidence in the chairman and board,” the letter adds.