Danny Wilson: 'If anyone had offered me a bung I'd have punched them in the face.'

Chesterfield FC 2016/17
Danny WilsonChesterfield FC 2016/17
Danny Wilson
Chesterfield FC 2016/17 Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson feels so strongly about transfer '˜bungs' in football that if anyone had offered him one he'd have punched them in the face.

The Chesterfield manager voiced strong opinions on the corruption scandal facing football, insisting wages in the sport are sufficient.

But he did express sympathy for former England manager Sam Allardyce and disdain for the manner in which the Daily Telegraph exposed the 61-year-old.

Wilson isn’t sure Allardyce should have paid with his job.

“He knows he crossed the line,” said Wilson.

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“You can’t go and talk about your employers like that, bending rules or breaking rules and I think he’s paid the price for it, a heavy price. Did he deserve that? He’s done nothing wrong, only talked about it, but it was enough for the FA to think it warrants an agreement to leave.

“I’ve been saddened by it.

“I know Sam very, very well and I know it’s a job he longed for all his career, as we all would do. “To let it go so quickly will be a massive disappointment to him, but the FA thought he was untenable and moved quickly.

Football needs a clean bill of health.”

Wilson isn’t in favour of the way Allardyce’s reign as England manager was brought to an end.

“He’s been set up, which I deplore,” he said.

“There’s a way of doing certain things. To try and do something that is in my opinion a bit iffy by the press, setting people up, I think that’s wrong.”

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While Wilson was speaking at the Proact today, Wright was sacked by the Tykes after being secretly filmed apparently accepting £5,000 to allegedly help convince the club to sign certain players.

Calling the situation a ‘lesson for us all’ Wilson went on to make it very clear he would never be tempted to top up his wage in the way that has cost Tommy Wright his job at Barnsley.

Wilson said: “I don’t know what’s going to come out next but with people taking money for whatever, that’s totally inappropriate and whoever gets caught deserves what they get.

“I’ve never been approached at all, thankfully. If I had have done I would possibly have punched someone in the face.

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“We don’t need it. It’s wrong, we get paid very well in comparison to other people’s jobs and to want more is not correct.

“They don’t deserve to work in football, how can they? After doing that, working alongside clubs wondering if players coming in have been paid for in other directions.

“I’m sure it goes on if someone wants to cross someone’s palm with a bit of silver.

“I’ve never been approached, it’s something I feel very strongly about. “