Chesterfield plan to open specialist 'player recruitment room'

Chesterfield plan to open a specialist ‘player recruitment room’ in the future, chief executive John Croot has revealed.

By Liam Norcliffe
Tuesday, 29th March 2022, 2:58 pm

The Spireites want to have a more in-depth database on possible transfer targets.

They are also aiming to have a more joined-up approach regarding recruitment and the academy.

The club lost its funding for the academy after two years out of the Football League.

The Spireites plan to open a specialist player recruitment room.

The traditional academy set-up was closed down but a new model was formed, replicating what other clubs in Chesterfield’s situation had done previously, such as Lincoln City when they went into non-league.

Croot said the academy has taken a couple of years to get off the ground but it is having some success, including the under-21s being crowned champions of their league after an unbeaten season.

The new academy structure, created in 2020 and run by Neil Cluxton, started out with around 200 youngsters but numbers are now between 500-600.

"The academy is growing at a real pace and when we envisage that continuing moving forward,” Croot said at last week’s AGM.

"We are opening a recruitment room, as Mr Cook calls it, where we have got some scouts going in there and we are thinking of linking the two (recruitment room and academy) up moving forward.”

Croot also revealed there is at least one particular player who they have high hopes for in the near future.

He explained: "At the moment we have got youngsters playing in Ireland, we have got a lad playing out in Malta and other places, a number who are playing at Unibond League etc out on loan.

"The first gems are coming through and we think we have certainly got one who could potentially move on and play in the league that we are currently in.”

Meanwhile, plans are still ongoing about developing a new modern training ground and talks are taking place with local authorities.

"It is a medium-term project rather than a short-term project,” Croot said.

"There will be multiple pitches, a medical centre and also club apartments. At the moment we have got players out and about across the town in hotels and it is costing us £8,000 a month at the moment. So if we can get those built there will be a saving there which will help towards the cost of running and delivering it.

"There is a full business plan to be completed but until we know the (exact location of the) site it is difficult to give a completed business plan but I can assure you we will not go into it blindfolded, we will make sure the figures stack up.”