Chesterfield manager James Rowe on incomings, outgoings and next season

The terms will have to be right for the club when they consider letting players go, says Blues boss James Rowe.

Friday, 9th July 2021, 12:46 pm

A number of outgoings are expected at Chesterfield in the coming weeks to reduce their squad size, which currently stands at 24 players.

When asked how many players might have to leave to balance the books, he said: “We are fine as we are, however if the terms are right then I am obviously open.

“I have to listen to the players as well, it is a two-way thing, it is not just me making decisions on players.

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Spireites manager James Rowe.

“I want to be clear and honest with the players and their likely game time situation next season.

“We need a squad of 21/22 players. The Hollis and Asante injuries are a blow to us because we have already committed to them for the forthcoming year and years.

“So you have to obviously react to that and perhaps carry a couple more players than the 21 needed to cover us in the first half of the season.”

On possible incomings, he added: “It will depend on how we navigate ourselves in the next few weeks, I am very comfortable with the squad we have built here now.”

Expectations at Chesterfield are sure to rise next season but Rowe insist they must ‘keep their feet on the floor’ because it was not long ago that they were in the relegation zone.

“Every opponent at this level poses a different challenge and the relentlessness of the fixtures, it is such a tough league to get out of,” he told the DT.

“What I will say is we will be better prepared for the National League than what we have been before.

“I think the players have shown their worth, their togetherness and ultimately every decision I make, whether on the field or off the field, is purely to make sure we can do the best we possibly can next season.

“I have got a great personal relationship with some of the people I have parted ways with and I am sure that won’t change in the future but ultimately I am protecting the club’s interest and everything is geared to having the best possible squad to have the best possible chance of promotion.”