Chesterfield furlough boss John Pemberton, players and staff

Chesterfield have furloughed all players, manager John Pemberton and staff due to the coronavirus outbreak which has led to a “total loss of all income.”
Chesterfield FC company secretary, Ashley Carson.Chesterfield FC company secretary, Ashley Carson.
Chesterfield FC company secretary, Ashley Carson.

This means they will now receive 80 per cent of their salaries through the government’s job retention scheme.

In a statement, company secretary, Ashley Carson, said that over the last couple of weeks he and owner Dave Allen have been looking to find solutions to keep the club operating for the immediate term and long term.

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“As I am sure you are aware we are currently facing financial uncertainties due to the total loss of all income that would normally be derived from playing football matches and also from a very successful conference and banqueting facility,” Mr Carson said in a statement.

Spireites boss John Pemberton has been furloughed.Spireites boss John Pemberton has been furloughed.
Spireites boss John Pemberton has been furloughed.

“Following discussions with the players, I can now report that with particular support from Will Evans and David Buchanan, all the players have also been furloughed.

“They appreciate the severity and impact that closure makes to the club and have also agreed to forgo a ‘top up’ from the 80 per cent. The club acknowledges the agreement reached by the players and for some who are not expecting to be retained next season this is a massive gesture.”

Mr Carson said that all players and staff received their full March wage.

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The club is now totally closed and all staff have been furloughed “for at least the next three weeks and probably into May.”

Chesterfield's players and staff have been furloughed due to the coronavirus outbreak.Chesterfield's players and staff have been furloughed due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Chesterfield's players and staff have been furloughed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Mr Carson added: “The club has asked the staff to accept the 80 per cent and the club is unable to make the 20 per cent top up. I sincerely thank everyone who has agreed to this.”

Mr Carson also said owner Dave Allen is “still focused” on selling the club to the community trust but that if no deal is imminent then they will have to start preparing for next season.

“The uncertainty of club ownership still rumbles on,” he explained. “I am still in close regular contact with Mike Goodwin (chairman) from the community trust and also a couple of other potential buyers.

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“Both the owner and I are still focused on selling to the community trust and they still remain optimistic for completion this month, irrespective of Covid-19.

“Failing this Dave Allen’s financial commitment will remain in place and at some stage very soon if there is no imminent takeover then we must prepare for next season and put the uncertainty to bed.”

Mr Carson also revealed that the “Proact Stadium” sponsorship has come to an end which will mean a new name for the ground.

While season ticket prices are due to be announced and the new 2020/2021 Puma kit is “due to land in the next couple of weeks.”

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“I would like to thank the amazing staff of the football club for their continued 100 per cent support and dedication to their club, to the players and coaching staff, to John Pemberton, who has been amazing over the last few weeks and has been planning for next season, even though he does not in fairness know if he will still be here, what his playing budget is or who will own the club and has now also been furloughed,” Mr Carson added.

“Finally and most importantly Dave Allen and I want to send out our very best wishes to all our supporters, club partners and sponsors and the local community.”