Chesterfield CEO says pitch invasion helped hasten director's 'step away' from day to day running of the club

Ashley Carson, right, has been Dave Allen's right hand man at the Proact
Ashley Carson, right, has been Dave Allen's right hand man at the Proact

Chesterfield CEO Graham Bean says Ashley Carson's resignation as a director means he has stepped away from the day to day running of the club.

Speaking after this morning's announcement that Mr Carson had left the board, but retained his role as company secretary and his three per cent shares in the club, Mr Bean told the Derbyshire Times it was a planned departure.

But yesterday's pitch invasion by angry Spireites during the 4-0 beating by Solihull Moors did help to hasten Mr Carson's exit, according to the CEO.

"The reality is, it was going to happen in any event," he said.

"But I think in light of what occurred yesterday, that would have had some bearing in it being brought forward."

The announcement has been met with scepticism from many Town supporters on social media, some claiming it was a 'smokescreen' or 'PR stunt.'

But while Mr Bean says he understands fans' reactions, he insists there has been a change in terms of the club's day to day operations.

"Of course I can. I can understand that. But I think there has to be some understanding of what the role of company secretary is.

"In effect it's more of a legal role as opposed to a role within the club.

"A company secretary role is quite simply ensuring that the legal requirements for Companies House are dealt with.

"When there's a resignation of a director, making sure the correct paperwork is submitted to Companies House, appointment of a director, accounts being sent on time etc etc.

"It's the fiduciary, legal duty.

"The reality is, Ashley is taking a complete step out of the void in terms of the day to day running of the club.

"I'm in place. Dave Allen is the owner. As everyone recognises, when it comes to major policy decisions in the club, he will have the final say, although in terms of general day to day running of the club, it will be without Ashley's involvement.

"He has stepped away.

"I think that's the right thing to do."

The CEO would not be drawn on the future of club manager Martin Allen, who also came under fire from supporters during yesterday's defeat, along with his players.

"It's business as usual at the present time," he said.