What will the weather be like on Christmas Day? Chesterfield Xmas weather forecast 2021

Will we be getting a “White Christmas” this year?

Tuesday, 14th December 2021, 11:18 am
Chesterfield Christmas lights

We’re all dreaming of a White Christmas – the idea of opening your curtains to a shimmering, snow-coated landscape would melt even the Grinch’s heart.

This year, it’s very much unlikely, but the possibility of snow is not out of the question. There’s a possibility of infrequent snow showers, but the wet ground means it probably won’t settle.

Yes, the sad likelihood is that this Christmas in Chesterfield, it’s going to rain. It’s not for certain – accuweather predicts there will be a 56% chance of rain on the day. While this may not sound encouraging, it’s only just over half – there’s still a chance that this Christmas could be a dry one.

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Meanwhile, a 20mm layer of snowfall has been forecasted – meaning that a White Christmas may not be such a preposterous proposition after all. Fingers crossed!

Outside of this, as always, it’s going to be a cold day. As of right now, the forecasted average temperature for December 25th is just three degrees Celsius (37.4 degrees Fahrenheit). If you’re planning on heading out at any point, make sure you’ve got a warm coat on (ideally a waterproof one).

Due to moderate wind on Christmas, with wind gusts of around 26 KM/H, it will probably feel colder than this – it’s expected to feel like zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). On top of this, it’s set to be a cloudy day, with little (if any at all) sunlight creeping through the cloud cover. Due to the cold weather, frost is also a possibility – so make sure you’re prepared for that, too.