Council rejects appeal for speed camera on Chesterfield road amid safety concerns

Residents calling for a speed camera to be installed in a bid to deter dangerous drivers have been told by council chiefs their road does not meet the criteria for speed-related incidents.

By Wiktoria Wrzyszcz
Friday, 5th August 2022, 10:29 am

But Linda Shipley, who lives on Walton Road in Chesterfield, said speeding is getting worse and when drivers see the green lights on the crossing they speed up to over 50 miles per hour.

Linda said her friend had set up petition calling for a speed camera to be installed and had visited nearby houses. They got over 150 signatures.

She added: “It is getting worse every day, especially from the mini roundabout as you come out of Morrisons. One of my friends has mental health issues with the amount of traffic, and HGVs.”

Walton Road (sourced from Google Maps)

She said a police van is sometimes parked at the top of the road but the cars flash people when they see them.

Ms Shipley is a part of the Community Speed Watch programme. Members of the group stood on Walton road with a speed gun on multiple occasions in a hope for drivers to slow down.

She added: “As soon as they see us they slow down, which is how it should be. We could do with police cars there regularly, but we definitely need a speed camera.

“There have been a number of accidents here, mostly caused by speeding.

“I have been in touch with Derbyshire County Council about speeding, asking for cameras to be put on our road, but they have said that until there is a fatality they cannot put one on there."

Councillors from the ward have established the Walton Speed Watch Team with residents and would like to see more support from Derbyshire County Council.

Councillor Tom Snowdon, who represents Walton, said: “ Our Speed Watch Team has been monitoring traffic speeds on several roads through Walton, including Walton Road on a number of occasions this year. As the co-ordinator of our Speed Watch Team, I would like to say thank you to our local police PCSOs, who have given us so much help and support in getting our group up and running.

"We have also approached Derbyshire County Council on a number of occasions, and asked for help in dealing with speeding traffic.

“Excessive traffic speed is dangerous, damaging to the environment, and creates noise problems. We want to see real traffic calming measures before we suffer any fatalities and not afterwards. We would welcome any improvements to reduce speeding on Walton Road.”

Derbyshire County Council said there was already an interactive sign on Walton Road to advise drivers who exceed the 30 mph speed limit to slow down prior to the downhill section of road before the crossing.

They added: "There is also agreement to provide a similar sign for drivers travelling in the opposing direction on Walton Road.

"Excessive speed should firstly be reported to the police to see if immediate enforcement is required to help address any concerns.

"Speed Cameras would only be considered along routes where there is a greater severity of speed-related incidents and fortunately Walton Road does not fall into that category, but the measure intended should enhance the safety here."