All the cancelled and delayed flights from Manchester, Doncaster and East Midlands Airport on Wednesday, June 15

Holidaymakers may face some delays and cancellations to their journeys from our local airports today.

Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 12:00 pm

Here is the full list of delays and cancellations from East Midlands, Doncaster Sheffield and Manchester Airports.

East Midlands:

Blue Islands flight SI101 to Jersey – now scheduled for 12.10pm

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There are a number of delays and cancellations at our nearest airports today. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

West Atlantic flight to Edinburgh – now scheduled for 9.40pm

Star Air flight DJ6977 to Cologne – now scheduled for 10.50pm

West Atlantic flight NPT4995 to Liege – now scheduled for 10.52pm


11.40am flight to Palma de Mallorca – cancelled

British Airways flight BA1393 to London – now scheduled for 12.33pm

Ryanair flight FR9838 to Copenhagen – now scheduled for 12.37pm

Ryanair flight FR2242 to Bologna – now scheduled for 1.40pm

EasyJet flight U21841 to Hamburg – now scheduled for 2.04pm

EasyJet flight U21885 to Hurghada – cancelled

Jet2 flight LS111 to Lanzarote – now scheduled for 2.50pm

Jet Aviation flight PJS800 to Geneva – now scheduled for 3.20pm

Jet2 flight LS927 to Kefalonia – now scheduled for 4.11pm

EasyJet flight U21955 to Dalaman – now scheduled for 4.11pm

Jet2 flight LS789 to Izmir – now scheduled for 5.31pm

Jet2 flight LS767 to Corfu – now scheduled for 5.25pm

EasyJet flight U21907 to Tenerife – now scheduled for 5.48pm

BinAir flight to Liverpool – now scheduled for 5.50pm

NetJets flight to Prestwick – now scheduled for 6.20pm

EasyJet flight U21953 to Geneva – now scheduled for 6.39pm

There are currently no reported delays or cancellations from Doncaster Sheffield Airport today.

These are all the cancellations and delays that were expected at the time of publication – this may change throughout the day. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline.