Super-strength support for Aruba over sale of 80 per cent booze

Scores of people have defended Chesterfield club Aruba for selling one of the planet's strongest alcoholic drinks - and the popular nightspot insists it acts responsibly.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 12:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 2:10 pm

Some residents have contacted the Derbyshire Times to voice concern about Corporation Street-based Aruba’s sale and promotion of 80 per cent Stroh, an Austrian rum.

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Concern after Chesterfield club asks people if they can 'handle' super-strength ...

But commenting on this story on our Facebook page, many people came to Aruba's defence.

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Clair McCluskey said: "Yes it's strong but they're serving it responsibly."

Mike Carroll said: "To me Aruba have put in steps to ensure people are safe with this extremely strong drink."

Greg Beckett said: "Nice to see 99 per cent of the comments are backing the nightlife industry for once."

And Sam Higginbottom speculated: "Michael Broomhead definitely can't handle Stroh, the wet lettuce."

Aruba stressed individuals can only buy a shot of Stroh once per night at the club and it has to be drank at the bar.

The nightspot added: "We can think of three other venues in the town centre that stock this drink.

"We have sold this for over five years - if you can find one incident in Aruba relating to this drink, I'll give you my right arm.

"We are the longest running venue on Corporation Street - we adhere to all licensing objectives and have very few incidents in comparison.

"Our staff have extra training on this product especially and know not to serve any alcohol to any person that may seem too intoxicated.

"We had discussions with both Chesterfield police and council licensing a few months back and they are more than happy with the control measures we have in place for this product."

Aruba later posted on Facebook: "Can't wait for you to STRO(H80)'ll down to Aruba on Sunday.

"Leave the STRO(H80)ppy people at home or it will be a cataSTRO(H80)phe.

"We're having a moneSTRO(H80)us party, with all the best UV STRO(H80)be lights. A full moon party, so you won’t get sunSTRO(H80)ke.

"Thanks for all your support with relevant news, people can try to deSTRO(H80)y us but it will only make us STRO(H80)nger."