Have your say on Chesterfield's boundaries as plans face criticism for 'splitting up' Staveley communities

Chesterfield residents are being urged to have their say on detailed plans to reshape the town’s political boundaries.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 4:14 pm

The Local Government Boundary Commission has launched a consultation on proposed changes to the political map in Chesterfield borough.

Its draft report has proved controversial in the Staveley area as it would see Hollingwood joined at borough council level with Brimington North.

Councillors in Hollingwood believe the area has more in common with Staveley and the boundaries should stay as they are.

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Coun Paul Mann has criticised a draft plan for Chesterfield's new political boundaries.

Coun Paul Mann, leader of Staveley Town Council and Chesterfield borough councillor for Hollingwood, believes it could eventually lead to Hollingwood becoming part of Brimington parish.

"This would mean all the funding from Staveley Town Council towards things like Hollingwood Residents’ Association, summer activities for kids and the BMX group would disappear.

"Under the plans Staveley would lose a borough councillor when with all the development taking place it should really be gaining one.

"Staveley needs more representation not less. We should not be splitting up communities.”

Coun Mick Bagshaw, borough councillor and Staveley Town Council member for Hollingwood, said Hollingwood ‘has very strong links with Staveley’.

"If you look back on the records you will find Hollingwood is and always has been in the Staveley area – even before the 1974 review when it was the Staveley Urban District Council,” he said.

Coun Mann has conducted a survey via Facebook in which the vast majority of residents said they would prefer boundaries to remain the same.

Simon Parker posted: “Stay with Staveley please. Especially as I have looked at the map and Hollingwood would be in Brimington North and Ringwood Park would be in Staveley South!!

"We have built up a great relationship with Staveley and its support both moral and financial would be sorely missed.”

Bobby Jay said: “We get no contact whatsoever from Brimington councillors. The only support and encouragement we have ever had has been Hollingwood and Staveley.”

The commission said as part of its consultation: “We have an open mind about further suggestions from local people to change and improve these recommendations.

"We will consider all the submissions we receive whoever they are from and whether your evidence applies to the whole of Chesterfield or just a part of the area.”

To have your say, visit the commission’s website.