YouTube star BeardMeatsFood takes on colossal burger challenge at Derbyshire restaurant

BeardMeatsFood was in Derbyshire yesterday as he tackled a huge burger challenge at a popular bar and restaurant.

BeardMeatsFood, real name Adam Moran, is a competitive eater and YouTube star with 1.68m subscribers. He regularly posts videos of himself taking on some of the biggest food challenges in the UK, and yesterday, he made his way to the Lounge Coffee Bar & Café in Eckington to attempt their Lounge Burger Challenge.

Diners are given 15 minutes to tackle the enormous burger, which consists of ten patties, cheese slices, ten onion rings and a healthy portion of filthy chips- twice cooked chips covered in melted cheese, bacon bits and fried onion.

For those familiar with the Leeds native’s channel, he unsurprisingly made light work of the massive meal, cleaning his plate before the 15 minute timer went off. As he finished, Adam got the meal for free, whereas those who fail to complete the challenge have to pay the £25 cost of the burger.

BeardMeatsFood has built a huge YouTube following for his incredible feats of eating.

Lounge owner, Mitchell Hinchliffe, said everyone was shocked when Adam arrived, and that he somehow had room for dessert after taking on the challenge.

“We were caught completely by surprise when he turned up. He was a really nice, friendly chap - he finished the challenge in 14 minutes and even had a freshly baked scone to polish it off.”

Alongside his YouTube channel, Adam also regularly takes part in Major League Eating contests in the US, and is ranked as the UK’s best competitive eater and 11th in the world.