Storm Eunice in Derbyshire: This is the latest hour-by-hour snow forecast

Meteorologists are forecasting snow for parts of Derbyshire amid Storm Eunice.

Friday, 18th February 2022, 5:24 pm

At 5.30pm on Friday, this was the latest Met Office forecast for the Buxton area.

Friday 10pm: HEAVY SNOW

Friday 11pm: HEAVY SNOW

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Snow is set to fall in parts of Derbyshire amid Storm Eunice.

Saturday 12am: LIGHT SNOW

Saturday 1am: LIGHT SNOW

Saturday 2am: LIGHT SNOW

Saturday 3am: LIGHT SNOW


Saturday 5am: LIGHT SNOW

Saturday 8am: LIGHT SNOW

Saturday 9am: HEAVY SNOW

Saturday 10am: HEAVY SNOW

Saturday 11am: HEAVY SNOW

Saturday 12pm: HEAVY SNOW

Members of the public are being urged to take notice of this vital public safety information.