Speeding traffic on Chesterfield estate 'out of hand again'

People living in a residential area of Chesterfield say problems with boy racers and speeding motorbikes are ‘getting out of hand again’.

Thursday, 26th August 2021, 7:46 am

Others claimed roads were being used like ‘race tracks’ and as rat runs because of nearby roadworks.

Derbyshire police have carried out ‘proactive patrols’ in the area and Derbyshire County Council said traffic calming measures were already in place on Elm Street.

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Residents on Chesterfield roads including Laurel Crescent and Elm Street, Hollingwood, are concerned about traffic problems.

However, residents say the issue has not gone away.

Neil Thorneycroft posted on the Hollingwood Residents’ Facebook page: “Traffic is getting a little out of hand again. Not sure what the police did, only saw them on the one day.”

Sharon May said: “A fellow on a motorbike on Sunday evening was stood up riding at great speed, crazy or what?”

She said she feared ‘some poor soul’ will have ‘to scrape him up off the road’.

Sharon Morrell posted: “I find it busy around tea time. A lot of through traffic using Station Road constantly as people are in a rush to get home from work.

“Just wish our village wasn't a drive-through for speed and noise.”

Sharon May earlier posted that it felt like she was ‘living on the M1’.

She said: “What does it take to sort it? A death?”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Constabulary said officers locally were aware of the issue and patrols will continue.

"We would urge anyone with concerns to raise them with the force in order for them to be tackled by officers,” the force added.

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council added: “These are all roads carrying traffic to homes in the area and in the case of Elm Street, this already has traffic-calming measures in place.

"We are not aware of issues of these roads being used as rat-runs although they are likely to be very busy as there are a large number of residential properties and any cases of anti-social driving should be reported to the police.”