'It's like living on the M1': Residents' concern over 'race track' traffic in Chesterfield neighbourhood

Chesterfield residents claim traffic in their neighbourhood is ‘getting out of hand’ amid calls for new safety measures.

Friday, 30th July 2021, 12:02 pm

People in Hollingwood say residential roads including Laurel Crescent, Elm Street, Laburnam Street and Station Road have become so busy they are dangerous for pedestrians.

There are also claims of roads being used like ‘race tracks’ and as rat runs because of nearby roadworks.

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Residents concern about traffic on Laurel Crescent and Elm Street Hollingwood.

Derbyshire police says officers are aware of concerns and have carried out ‘proactive patrols’ in the area.

Posting on the Hollingwood Residents Facebook group, Sharon May said it felt like she was ‘living on the M1’.

"A white car went past, it must have been going 70mph on Sunday night,” she said.

"Two lads on a bike with no crash hats, a motorbike tonight so fast I couldn't guess his speed. What does it take to sort it? A death?”

Residents concern about traffic on Laurel Crescent and Elm Street Hollingwood.

Matt Slavin described Laburnam Street as ‘like a slalom’ which people people go down ‘like they're being chased’ and was an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

John Wallace said: “Station Road has a couple of budding race drivers using it.”

However, Alan Beresford posted: “More traffic calming required. The delivery drivers from the takeaways are terrible for it.”

Residents concern about traffic on Laurel Crescent and Elm Street Hollingwood.

Babs Smith said a section of Station Road had become a particular problem.

“The far end of Station Road where they are doing the new builds is terrible at the moment,” she posted.

"An accident waiting to happen!”

Hannah Bloor said Victoria Street was becoming ‘ridiculous’.

She posted: "There are always cars and bikes speeding now and bikes revving at night. I worry as there are a lot of children near us. Someone will be knocked down and killed.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Constabulary said: “Officers are aware of the concerns and have undertaken proactive patrols in the area to monitor speeds of vehicles.

"These will continue and, should speeding or other types of dangerous driving be seen, then appropriate action will be taken.

"We would urge anyone with concerns to raise them with the force in order for them to be tackled by officers.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council added: “These are all roads carrying traffic to homes in the area and in the case of Elm Street, this already has traffic-calming measures in place. We are not aware of issues of these roads being used as rat-runs although they are likely to be very busy as there are a large number of residential properties and any cases of anti-social driving should be reported to the police.”

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