Residents step up fight against controversial Chesterfield homes, pub and new school development

Chesterfield residents battling to save an area of green space from a new homes development have stepped up their campaign.

By Tim Paget
Monday, 20th December 2021, 9:55 am
Updated Monday, 20th December 2021, 9:56 am

People who live nearby fear the planned Dunston Grange development of 500 new houses, a school and a pub or supermarket will ‘merge’ the communities of Upper Newbold, Cutthorpe and Dunston.

The area is a greenfield site bordered by greenbelt, and residents say they will face traffic congestion, the loss of wildlife and a strain on facilities which are already ‘overstretched’ by other nearby developments.

The Dunston Grange Residents’ Action Group has been formed to oppose the plans by William Davis Homes and letters objecting to the scheme continue to pour in.

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Chesterfield residents are battling to save this area of green space at Dunston Grange from development.

Responding to a letter in the Derbyshire Times by Graham Baldwin, which said those who are against the new development should remember ‘they are now living on what was once green field land’, action group member Vicky Noble said this was exactly why they were fighting it.

"Over the years I have been a very proud resident of Chesterfield, but I have never seen the growth in housing that we are now experiencing,” Vicky said.

"The green areas are being dramatically eroded to the detriment of us all, and not just those in the Dunston and surrounding area.

"All housing growth, and where it is positioned, affects all of us.

"Eventually, if the growth is not halted, Chesterfield will become one homogenous mass linked to Sheffield and Derby, very like the growth of London and other large cities.”

She said the key was to build houses in the right place – and pointed to undeveloped brownfield sites in the borough.

"It’s time to stop the relentless destruction of green fields,” Vicky added.

"We have fantastic opportunities to regenerate and enhance our town and deliver our housing needs by developing brownfield such as the canal waterside and the former Manor offices on Old Road.”

William Davis Homes said it will ‘carefully considering all the comments’ it has received about Dunston Grange, but the site has already been allocated for housing as part of Chesterfield Borough Council’s Local Plan.

A spokesperson said the development will include ‘significant open space’ and a ‘local centre’, which could include a small supermarket and pub.