Police thank ‘absolute stars’ in Derbyshire town who helped tend to injured woman

Police have thanked the residents of a Derbyshire town who helped look after an injured woman.

Saturday, 28th May 2022, 3:25 pm

On Friday, May 27, the Shirebrook Safer Neighbourhood Team posted about an incident they had attended in the town centre.

It read: “Today we were waved over to help a lady that had taken a tumble after her dog and another had a little set to and then threw her around to the floor.

“On our arrival, there was already someone from the local pharmacy that came out to help with medical aid, then a member from the marketplace who was bandaging up her leg to stop the bleeding, and another member of the public who had already rung for an ambulance.

Officers thanked those who helped the injured woman.

“We managed to get her cleaned up the best we could. Due to the length of time we would have had to wait for the ambulance, we eventually got her home safe and well with further precautionary advice.

“I have to say, what absolute stars the community were today. Big shout out to all these good people. The member from Numark Pharmacy, the local market worker and the families walking around the market that also helped – the lady again wishes to thank you all for what you did.”