Michael Broomhead: Why we should be happy Chesterfield is getting a new McDonald’s

‘I’m lovin’ it’ – so goes McDonald’s catchy jingle.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 1:45 pm

But it seems many Cestrefeldians aren’t lovin’ the fact the fast food chain is set to open a third outlet in the town, at the site of the old multi-storey car park at West Bars.

A number of readers have contacted the Derbyshire Times to say Chesterfield ‘doesn’t need another McDonald’s’.

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Well, other companies could have chosen to set up shop at the site, which has lain derelict for six years – but they didn’t.

McDonald’s has – and it’s a move which promises to create 65 jobs.

Investment and job creation in our town should definitely be welcomed, especially right now as we start to recover from the pandemic.

Who knows, those complaining about the new McDonald’s may have a relative or friend who ends up getting a job at the restaurant, helping them to put food on their own table and pay the bills during this difficult time – and that’s certainly something to be pleased about.

Chesterfield will soon be getting a new Golden Arches.
Chesterfield will soon be getting a new Golden Arches.

Other people have concerns about litter.

According to a survey by Opinium Research, one in five Brits admitted to littering during the first lockdown.

Obviously this is completely unacceptable – and everyone should ensure they dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

Beth Hart, of McDonald’s, said: “It is deeply disappointing that so many people act so irresponsibly.

“For over 35 years our restaurant teams have patrolled the towns and cities in which we operate collecting left behind litter.

“Our employees walk over 5,000 miles every week picking up all waste – our packaging and that of other retailers – by the sides of roads, in parks and on paths.”

People are also worried about traffic issues at West Bars when the new McDonald’s opens.

This is something we at the Derbyshire Times will be keeping a close eye on – but let’s not forget a Chesterfield Borough Council report said there is no data to suggest that the development will result in ‘severe harm’ on the highway network.

Obesity is raised as a concern as well.

McDonald’s insists it has a range of options under 600 calories – and obviously it is up to individuals to make sure they have a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly.

So, see you in the queue for a Filet-O-Fish soon?