BeardedReality, an urban explorer, recently went for a look around the abandoned Oakhurst House.

Incredible pictures show inside abandoned Derbyshire manor house – said to be haunted

An urban explorer has photographed the inside of an abandoned manor house in the Derbyshire countryside – which is said to have a history of the paranormal.

Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 1:56 pm

Those who have wandered through the Shining Cliff Woods above Ambergate may well have spotted Oakhurst House – a derelict 19th century country house built by a Derbyshire politician.

Once occupied by a series of prominent and wealthy figures, it has since fallen into disrepair, having been abandoned in the 1970s.

Daniel Sims, otherwise know as BeardedReality, recently visited the site, which is reported to be haunted. Here are 13 photos he took – including the crumbling interior of the house and its creepy cellars.

The full video can be found here.

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