Developer seeks changes to apartments plan for prominent Derbyshire pub building

A developer working on a controversial project to transform a Derbyshire pub into apartments is bidding to alter the conditions of planning permission.

Friday, 21st January 2022, 9:52 am

Plans for the former Edward VII Hotel in Tibshelf were given the green light last year but work on the site has faced criticism from residents and a heritage group.

Tibshelf Local History and Civic Society said the developer was carrying out ‘unauthorised’ alterations to the High Street pub, while residents have accused them of ‘vandalising’ an historic building.

Last week the developers submitted a new application to Bolsover District Council requesting ‘minor amendments’ to the current planning permission.

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A developer working on a controversial project to transform the historic former Edward VII at Tibshelf into apartments is bidding to alter the conditions of the planning permission.

They say this is necessary because the property has fallen into ‘significant disrepair’.

A statement on behalf of the developer says: “The existing roof condition presented huge challenges and was found to be badly damaged and beyond repair on investigations.

"Ceilings had collapsed due to water ingress from long term water ingress and lack of remedial maintenance over many years, with no roofing felt in place.”

They claim chimneys had to be removed ‘on instruction from the structural engineer as they were unsafe.’

“The building was in great danger of falling into such a state of disrepair and the viability of the development is a major consideration,” the developer added.

Resident Simon Haddock accused the developer of having ‘no respect’ for Tibshelf.

“This village has lost so much interesting architecture and so many valuable heritage assets,” he said.

"The Edward VII Hotel is another one in great danger of being badly developed and as a result will contribute to the degradation of the village centre.

"We are already fighting to rejuvenate the village High Street and when developers are doing as they please without any consideration for the aesthetic values of the street scene or consideration for the enhancement of the environment, or even respect for planning decisions.”

The venue, known locally as ‘The Neddy’, was built around 1905/06 as a public house trust, intended to control the consumption of spirits.

A Bolsover District Council spokesperson previously said planning chiefs were in dicussion with the developer about alleged breaches of conditions.

Mike Coupe, secretary of the Tibshelf Local History and Civic Society, said work aready carried out was ‘in contravention of the conditions on the planning approval’.