Derbyshire women share their experiences online after Sarah Everard disappearance

Derbyshire women have been taking to social media to share their experiences following the disappearance of Sarah Everard in London.

Saturday, 13th March 2021, 11:27 am

Supporters of Derbyshire’s Women’s Equality Party joined the #EnoughIsEnough campaign on Twitter on Friday night.

One woman said: “If I walk home at night I will call someone, share my live location on WhatsApp with someone, and make sure not to take any shortcuts or avoid places with broken streetlights.

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Sarah Everard,

“If I get a taxi I will send someone the taxi driver’s license number and plate.”

Another said: “I finish work at 8.30pm and take a 20-minute walk home.

“I call my mum and talk to her from the start of my journey to the end.

“I cross the street when I see a man or group of men, or take another direction.

“I take the most well-lit way, which means a longer walk.”

Another woman commented: “Educate your sons.

“We shouldn’t fear walking home at any time.”

On our Facebook page, one woman said: “Why must women always be prey? It’s sick.

“Maybe guys should be raised to be better men."

Some said they do not feel safe walking through Chesterfield town centre.

Another woman commented: “Everyone should be able to feel safe.

“Nobody’s really safe, are they.”

Ms Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive from York, went missing in south London after leaving a friend’s flat on the evening of March 3.

Her remains were discovered in Kent woodland on Wednesday.

A serving Metropolitan Police officer – 48-year-old Wayne Couzens, of Deal, Kent – appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Saturday morning charged with her kidnap and murder.