Derbyshire primary school shows support for people of Ukraine with fundraising day

A primary school in Derbyshire held a fundraising day – with all the proceeds to be donated towards helping victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Thursday, 31st March 2022, 4:13 pm

Shirland Primary School on Park Lane, Alfreton, held a fundraising and awareness day for the people of Ukraine on Friday, March 25.

Sam Flanagan, a teacher at the school, said the idea came about from the kids themselves, who were keen to talk and ask questions about Ukraine.

“We noticed that a lot of kids were talking about it in class, asking teachers and talking about it at playtime.

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Children from Shirland Primary dressed in Ukraine's colours for the school's fundraising and awareness day.

“We took the decision as staff to address those concerns and worries that they had. The children had seen that money was being raised and sent over there, and they started to ask about that too.

“It was from there that we got our heads together as staff to raise some money, awareness and show that we’re doing our little bit to support the Ukrainian people.”

Pupils from all year groups were encouraged to dress in yellow and blue, the colours of the Ukrainian flag. They also decorated the school’s fence with blue and yellow ribbons, and wrote down messages of peace on paper doves which were then attached above the entrance.

Mr Flanagan said the subject was approached sensitively by members of staff, who used the activities to help the pupils engage with the topic.

Georgie and Ben from Shirland Primary are just two of the children to post their messages of peace.

“When we've talked about it, we've tried to stay away from phrases like war, and we've handled it really appropriately. We did send letters out to parents to let them know.

“It’s about teaching the kids about the world around them and that conflict happens, just as it does in school, so we drew on those teaching points. It was a day of two halves - there was a serious message behind, but with the activities we’ve tried to make it positive.”

Parents and carers were asked to make a donation of at least £1, or whatever they could afford, towards the Disasters Emergency Committee, who have organised a humanitarian appeal for Ukraine. Money is still coming in at the moment, and the final amount will be sent off at Easter, but the school has currently raised around £225.