'It's easier to drive to Meadowhall and park for free': Dad slams parking fines 'con' at Chesterfield's Ravenside Retail Park

A Chesterfield dad has branded parking tickets issued for leaving a Chesterfield retail park on foot as a ‘stealth charge’ after being hit with a fine.

Friday, 4th March 2022, 4:07 pm

Paul Renolds, 41, was ordered to pay up to £100 after briefly leaving Ravenside Retail Park to meet his wife and young son.

This is despite him spending money at shops on the site – and sending receipts to UKCPS, the company which runs the car park on Markham Road, to prove it.

Chesterfield dad Paul Renolds has branded parking tickets issued for leaving Chesterfield's Ravenside Retail Park on foot as a ‘stealth charge’.

He now says he and his family won’t be using the centre again.

Signs at the entrance to the retail park warn drivers that they must remain on site and stay for a maximum of three hours.

Mr Renolds, a marketing director who lives in Wingerworth, was issued with the £60 ticket, rising to £100, after parking at the site last Saturday.

"We use the retail park most days,” he said.

"Last Saturday, I parked up but then briefly left to meet my wife and son outside Pizza Hut.

"I noticed some new signs but didn’t think anything of it. Then a few days later I got a ticket.

"I told them I had bought something on site and sent receipts, but they told me the warden had spotted me and I’d be fined regardless of that.

"It’s a con. A bit of trickery and a stealth charge.

"I could have spent £1,000 in Curry’s and it wouldn’t have mattered. It is bad for shoppers and bad for the town.

"I've appealed to UKCPS with a receipt as proof I was a customer on site. I am still being fined.

"Everyone in Chesterfield wants to support the local community through shopping local, however, with stealth charges like this it's easier to drive to Meadowhall and park for free.

“Because of this greed, myself and my family won't use the retail park again.

"Ultimately, it's the stores, and the good people that work in them who will miss out. I can only hope that my misfortune can help other shoppers who go to the centre.”

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins has previously warned constituents about parking at the site, leaving their car and walking into town.

UKCPS has been asked for comment.