Customers claim ‘live maggot’ and ‘spider’ found in food at 39 Desserts' Centertainment venue

A shocked mum claims she spotted chocolate moving on top of her dessert at a Valley Centertainment restaurant – and found a live maggot hidden below.

Friday, 25th February 2022, 12:27 pm

And another customer claims to have found a spider in his daughter’s strawberry cheesecake at the same venue.

Sophie Wilson visited 39 Desserts at Centertainment, near Attercliffe, on Sunday with her family after a trip to a nearby crazy golf venue.

She said: “I’ve been there lots of times, and never had a problem. We’d been to the minigolf, so we thought we’d get a dessert. We all ordered our food. I ordered strawberry and chocolate

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Picture shows the maggot Sophie Wilson claims she found in her dessert at 39 Desserts in Sheffield.

“The food arrived. I looked down and the chocolate was moving.”

She said when she looked she found the maggot in the dessert, which she had been sharing with her two-year-old daughter.

"I was shocked,” she said. “I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

"Someone came over an offered to make us a fresh one, but I asked for my money back.

Picture shows what Joel Aheran described as a spider in his partner's dessert

"There were eight of us, and we were all put off by what happened.

"I’m not usually one to complain, I’ve even been happy to eat cold food.”

She said the manager eventually agreed to a refund for the group. But Sophie, aged 27, from Brinsworth, in Rotherham, said she was disappointed she did not get an apology from the manager.

Sophie said she had contacted Sheffield Council’s environmental health department over the incident.

Meanwhile, Joel Aheran, aged 26, a barber from Woodhouse, claimed to have found a dead spider in the strawberry sauce around his partner’s cheesecake, also on Sunday.

He said he had been there many times but not had problems before.

He said staff members were ‘mortified’ by the find, but the manager told him it was just part of a strawberry branch, which Joel does not agree with. He said he did not receive a refund, and was given the same dessert back with the object of concern removed.

He said he had also contacted Sheffield Council environmental health, and the company’s head office

The Star has contacted 39 Desserts about the incident but has not received a reply.

Sheffield Council has also been contacted for comment.