Couple 'perplexed' over Chesterfield parking fine

Denzil and David Pilkington. Picture by Jason Chadwick.
Denzil and David Pilkington. Picture by Jason Chadwick.

A couple say they have been left 'perplexed' after being slapped with a parking fine in Chesterfield.

Denzil and David Pilkington told the Derbyshire Times they parked at Ravenside Retail Park and spent around an hour in the Asda store there.

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They then got in their car and parked outside the nearby Pizza Hut before enjoying a meal at the restaurant.

Now, car park operator Euro Car Parks has issued the pair with an £85 fine - saying they were parked at the site for a total of three hours. The maximum time permitted is two hours.

The couple, however, believe they had used two separate car parks at the retail park.

Mrs Pilkington, 57, of Cherry Tree Road, Wales, South Yorkshire - who is disabled - said: "Things like this make me not want to leave the house.

"An £85 fine is the last thing we want - it's a lot of money for us.

"We thought we were parked in two separate car parks."

Mr Pilkington, 59, has complained to Euro Car Parks.

In his email to the company, he described the situation as 'perplexing' and added: "We parked in two distinctly marked car parking areas for the purposes of shopping and a meal.

"If there are separate areas for particular stores there should be a sign that is easily readable to explain that you choose not to consider them as separate parking areas.

"In total I could see four clearly divided car parks.

"The existing signage is not fit for purpose.

"I am also writing to the owners of Pizza Hut to request they ensure that they advise all their customers that they cannot use their shop for a leisurely meal - especially if they are busy and cause their customers to wait for food.

"I am proposing that they supply stop watches for their tables set to ring after 110 minutes."

The Derbyshire Times asked Euro Car Parks for a comment but had not received one by the time of publication.

The entrance signs at Ravenside Retail Park identify all the businesses at the site, including Pizza Hut.

A number of residents have previously raised concerns about the car park at Ravenside Retail Park.

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