Chesterfield man wins fight to overturn Ravenside Retail Park parking fine

Philip and Janette Court with the parking fine they wrongly received.
Philip and Janette Court with the parking fine they wrongly received.

A company has cancelled a parking fine it issued to a man after he correctly used a Chesterfield shopping hotspot.

At the end of last month, the Derbyshire Times reported that UKCPS Ltd said Philip Court was liable for a parking charge of £100 because he was 'observed leaving' Ravenside Retail Park - even though the 68-year-old stayed on the site.

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Mr Court - who said he had a till receipt to prove he was in Debenhams around the time of the alleged breach of the rules - appealed to Leeds-based UKCPS Ltd but this was rejected.

He then lodged an appeal with the Independent Appeals Service which has now told him that 'UKCPS Ltd has confirmed they will no longer be pursuing the matter and the parking charge has been cancelled'.

Mr Court, of Sandstone Avenue, Walton, said: "I feel sorry for others who may be trapped by such allegations and unlike me did not have a till receipt time stamped within less than two minutes of the alleged contravention.

"This whole experience has been very stressful.

"I for one will never visit Ravenside Retail Park again as it's just too expensive to run the risk of paying a £100 surcharge every visit.

"You can buy an awful lot of petrol with that and get many trips to Meadowhall without similar risk."

Mr Court added: "There's been no acknowledgement by UKCPS Ltd of a lack of evidence of me apparenlty leaving the site - nor has the company apologised.

UKCPS Ltd declined to comment when asked questions by the Derbyshire Times.

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