Becky Measures and Sean Goldsmith rewind the clock on their Peak FM breakfast show double act

North Derbyshire’s radio royalty Becky Measures and Sean Goldsmith lift the lid on life behind the mic in a candid filmed recording.

Wednesday, 27th July 2022, 11:05 am

The dynamic duo lit up the airwaves for 12 years on Peak FM’s breakfast show before he left the station for Viking Radio and she went on to BBC Radio Sheffield.

Twenty years on from their debut broadcast the pair have been filmed talking about the highs and lows of life in the public spotlight.

Becky admitted that she had aspirations of becoming a singer or actress before joining Peak FM as a promotions girl.

Becky Measures and Sean Goldsmith are interviewed in the New Divan Man shop in Chesterfield in this screenshot from the recording.

Her sultry voice made her an obvious fit for radio presenter and she was partnered with experienced broadcaster Sean, who had been a presenter on a larger station for nearly a decade.

The couple’s magical chemistry and ability to entertain their listeners made them firm favourites with Peak FM’s audience and at their programme’s height, 120,000 people would wake up with Sean and Becky.

Becky says in the recording: “There were periods when I'd see Sean more than anybody, for four to five hours a day. Just us two having to have a relationship in front of thousands of people.” Sean adds: “A relationship with nothing in common!”

Often called on to represent the station at community events, Becky says: “We had a blooming good time. There were four nightclubs opened at one point and I was always chosen to go and open them and I was loving life and I embraced every single second of all of that. Sean just wanted to go home."

Becky and Sean remember their time as co-hosts of a breakfast programme on Peak FM.

Like all good partnerships, the dynamic duo had each other's backs in troubled times. Becky says: “We wore our hearts on our sleeve and there wasn’t much that the audience didn’t see – that is why it worked so well.”

Sean says: “I think the audience knew we were looking out for each other. I went through a divorce and we didn’t hide that and we talked about it on air.”

Becky had a double mastectomy, which was filmed, and was absent from the airwaves for three months while she recovered. Sean says: “The listening figures did drop a little when she was off.”

The pair speak about the celebrity guests that they met including John Barrowman, who posed as Juan Ricardo to teach Becky some Latin dance moves which was captured by television cameras.

Magical chemistry between Becky and Sean is still there as this screenshot from the ecording shows.

An hilarious video of the couple parodying Rihanna’s S&M song in celebration of the first burgundy recycling bins arriving in Chesterfield is another highlight.

The duo also share the nerve-wracking anxiety of presenters in commercial radio who face the recurring worry about renewal of contracts and what life has been like for them since they left Peak FM.

Becky said: “I still get messages from people saying how much we changed their life just by being there."

Sean now presents for a string of stations including Virgin Radio Chilled and North Derbyshire Radio while Becky remains a presenter at Radio Sheffield.

Becky and Sean were interviewed in the New Divan Man shop in Chesterfield for the recording produced by Rob Rose Media and Meas-Maz Network Ltd. Becky said: “It has been amazing looking back, remembering and being reminded of the things we’ve done over the years."

The recording gives viewers the chance to win a prize by guessing which businesses have become a new home for the Divan Man's mascot teddies, hidden by Sean and Becky. Each person will need to correctly guess where all ten of the teddies are located to be entered into the draw.