LETTER: Where have market stalls gone?

I would like to ask what has happened to Mansfield market?

Friday, 28th October 2016, 2:30 pm
Mansfield Market Place.

Mansfield District Council has, over the years, had the market place re-laid, fountains put in, made stall holders have new metal stalls and have moved them around.

There was nothing wrong with the trellis and batons, plus they charge stall holders more. 
Recently they have also moved stalls from the West Gate end.

I used to live in Mansfield and looked forward to shopping on the market. 
On October 8, I came over as usual, which I do about every three months, and now all I find is about 15 stalls. 
There is only two veg stalls, no one selling eggs and no mushy peas stall. 
So I ask, are they running it down so stall holders and shoppers give up? 
If not, tell us what happened to the little manual kiddies ride? 
I am told it is stored, by who I don’t know. 
Where’s the mushy peas stall? At one time the 9am Saturday market used to be bustling with shoppers and the market area was full of stalls. 
Now it’s a ghost of what it was. We can all accept progress and the cost of things going up, but progress etc can be damaging also.
Authentic and old fashioned is now in, but Mansfield is stuck backward. 
You may think this is just a whinge, but I know and have been told by other shoppers who think the same.
Here’s hoping someone will see sense and fill the market, including a roundabout for the kiddies and a mushy peas and mussel stall, or will it sadly, slowly go?

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J Herring