Here’s how you can support our campaign to help the high street

Please support our campaign to help the high street
Please support our campaign to help the high street

Times are tough on our high streets. The changes in shopping habits, with the huge surge in people buying things from the comfort of their own sofas, has had a massive effect on our town centres.

Debate continues to rage in the Derbyshire Times letter pages over the issue of how this impact has been felt locally.

Some say that Chesterfield has been run into the ground and heart taken out, but personally I believe the town has weathered this storm better than most - you only need to visit other towns of a similar size to see that.

Even so, it’s not easy for our high street shopkeepers - and the town centre is the heartbeat of any community.

That’s why we’ve launched our Love Your High Street campaign this week.

The idea is simple, we will lobby hard for changes to business rates set by central government to make it easier for shops in our communities and push to make visiting our high streets as easy as possible.

Just as important we want to appeal to every reader to do their bit and spend just a bit of your time - and a little of your hard-earned money in our local shops.

We all have the power to help.

It easy: just have a coffee, pint or sandwich in town; pick up some cheese, fruit or bread get clothes or make a conscious decision to buy a Christmas gift from a high street store right here. 
If we all make a little change, it can make a massive difference...