DT opinion: Why Chesterfield's spire will always be crooked

If you think of Chesterfield, you think of the Crooked Spire.

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 11:54 am
Updated Thursday, 12th December 2019, 3:45 pm
The Twisted Spire coin has now been removed from sale.

It is our most iconic building, the landmark that you see people marvelling at in the churchyard and stopping to photograph.

It is what people mention when you say where you're from - usually accompanied by the fact they remember spotting it when they've passed through the town on a train.

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Especially when you hear that other structures in the limited series include the likes of Stonehenge and the Houses of Parliament.

I'm sure, to some people, the difference between crooked and twisted is a trifling matter that should only really trouble lexicographers .

And of course, a spire by any other name would still look as striking

But the Crooked Spire is important to us - and if we're showing it off to the rest of the country, we want it to be done properly.

So it’s no surprise that when a production error meant that the 50p coins ended up celebrating something called the 'twisted spire' - instead of our Crooked Spire - there was an outpouring of outrage from locals.

I'm sure plenty of Italians would be equally upset if they discovered a Euro marking the 'Wonky Tower of Pisa' in their change.

Many of you will remember how the town was up in arms a few years back, when new signs were created welcoming people to Chesterfield that omitted the famous spire from the artwork.

It's our landmark, our Crooked Spire, it matters to us.

But fair play to Mark Walker, owner of the Commemorative Coin Company, which made the coins - and the mistake.

He held his hand up straight away and pledged to donate £300 and all profits from the incorrect edition to a Ashgate Hospice – as well as donating 50 “correct editions” to the much-loved charity to “do with as they please in order to raise more money”.

I know from conversations we've had with Mark that he is absolutely mortified by the mix up - and his donation offer is a lovely idea that sets the crooked matter straight.