OPINION: Since when did knicker elastic become the tool of our oppression?

I’ve often wondered what it is that people who refuse to wear a face-mask are hiding.

Friday, 10th December 2021, 12:41 pm

It’s clearly not their faces – despite the fact that as temparatures plummet, having a little chin scarf seems an excellent way to keep cosy.

Certainly less maintenance than having a beard.

Modern life keeps finding new ways to surprise me, but I have to say the depth of feeling and vitriol that many hold for a small scrap of material has really caught me by surprise.

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Is a mask really the symbol of our oppression?

It seems such an innocuous thing to have seemingly divided the nation as deeply and bitterly as Brexit.

But there are definitely some hard-liners when it comes to the issue of facial coverings.

One man I met in Chesterfield town centre actually refused to speak to me complelely unless I first removed my mask, it somehow so affronted his sensibilities.

Maybe it’s a hearing issue.

I certainly hadn’t realised how much you pick up from reading people’s lips when they’re talking.

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My better half has long said I’m losing my hearing – at least, selectively – maybe she’s right and maybe when others put on a mask, we all go a bit deaf.

The message about the importance of covering our mouths and noses definitely seems to be falling on deaf ears.

A surprising number of people in shops have stopped wearing them – and I can't believe all of them are exempt.

What I struggle to get my head around is how putting on a mask is such an imposition or a violation of someone’s human rights and liberties.

For kids, the idea of masks conjures up the thought of superheroes and secret identities.

Though as we’re all discovering, the efficacy of them as a disguise is about as convincing as Clark Kent putting on a pair of specs and nobody realising he’s Superman

But for others right now, the very concept of having to put on mask seems to imply a dystopian vision of our dastardly leaders turned despots.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are plenty of things we should be holding those in power acountable for.

But if their utimate tool for oppression is a hanky and some knicker elastic I don’t think we really have too much to worry about.