Miracle triplets forelated mum Donna

A Warsop mum in a million has given birth to identical triplets '“ 10 years after she was told she could not have children.

Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 12:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 2:39 pm
Donna Marie Carter from Warsop has given birth to identical triplets

Donna Carter said she felt amazingly lucky and blessed after her trio of baby boys were born.

Born a month prematurely, Adam, Miles and Damian weighing 4lb 9oz, 4lb 8oz and 4lb 5oz respectively, are doing well, now weighing in 7lb each aged just more than six weeks.

Donna, aged 34, said there nobody more surprised than her when she found out she was pregnant.

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Donna Marie Carter from Warsop has given birth to identical triplets

She had been out of the country for four years and was living in Egypt with her partner Mahmood, a policeman.

The care worker had returned to the UK to find work when she discovered she was pregnant.

She said: “I was told at the age of 24 that I wasn’t able to have children – and now I’m blessed with three at 34.

“When I came back I found out I was pregnant – and at five weeks I was told there were three heartbeats.

Donna Marie Carter from Warsop has given birth to identical triplets

“It was such a shock. They told me it was a chance in a million, like winning the lottery – and I could do with winning the lottery now for the money”

She was referred to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham where she was given a scan every other week.

At 32 weeks’ pregnant, Donna became ill and was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and was rushed into hospital.

Donna said: “There were no beds free in the neonatal units in the whole of the East Midlands – my babies would have been split up, as there was a place in Cambridge and one in Birmingham – so I was just trying to hold on.”

Due to her illness, Donna was put into an induced coma for 15 hours and the triplets were delivered by caesarean section.

She said: “I was very large – I swelled up like a balloon.

“A week later and the boys decided to come into the world.

“I came to in intensive care and all I wanted was a cup of tea – I didn’t realise they had been born. They showed me a photo of them and I couldn’t believe it.

“I was so big I thought I was still pregnant. Then they took me down to see them.”

Donna said the staff at the hospital were amazing.

She said: “I just felt really overwhelmed and I was in floods of tears and my midwife was practically crying.

“Because of the rarity of the births, there were lots of students coming in.

“The babies spent just one day in the neonatal unit and after that they were fine.”