Chesterfield people step up fight to save green fields despite developer scaling back plans

A group of residents fighting a new homes development on green fields near Chesterfield have vowed there will be no let-up in their campaign.

Thursday, 31st March 2022, 2:36 pm

People in Calow made the pledge after it was revealed a housing company had scaled back its plans for a new estate on land off Dark Lane.

They say the plans continue to cause ‘stress and anxiety’, and their neighbourhood will be engulfed by new housing developments if the proposal goes ahead.

Spokesperson Jason Flaxman, who lives on Netherleigh Cottages, off Dark Lane, said: “They have reduced the number of houses they plan to build and only build on two out of the three fields.

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Residents fighting a new homes development on green fields at Calow, near Chesterfield, have vowed there will be no let-up in their campaign.

"However, our objections to the plans still apply and there has been no change to the fact it is going to have a significant impact to the environment, light and noise pollution, possible flooding, parking and the significant increase in traffic on Dark Lane and Calow.

"It is also continuing to cause stress and anxiety to local residents.

"We are currently urging residents to again oppose the development and ask that North East Derbyshire District Council take the application to planning committee and do not make a decision without involving the local residents.”

Developer Stancliffe Homes says it has undertaken a review of the plan after feedback about the visual impact of the development.

The company has reduced the number of new homes on the site from 65 to 45.

“Following comments from the council’s landscape consultant and concerns in relation to the visual impact of the proposed development, the scheme has been amended with the housing proposals sited on the two fields nearest Dark Lane,” a revised planning statement says.

"The third field located on the western edge of the site will be retained as a biodiversity improvement area.”

Calow Parish Council has said it is becoming ‘very concerned’ at the pressure set to be put on local amenities and the likely ‘destruction of wildlife on green fields surrounding Calow’.

Council chair Jayne Sabido said: "We would like the planners to take into account the existing housing development applications already granted, although not yet built, when making a decision on this latest application."