Derbyshire MP's attempts for information from fracking firm 'go unanswered'

Eckington Against Fracking group.
Eckington Against Fracking group.

MP for North East Derbyshire, Lee Rowley, says his latest efforts to get information from the firm which wants to carry out fracking in Marsh Lane ‘has gone unanswered’.

In a letter to residents of Marsh Lane, near Eckington, the Conservative MP said he has received no response for an update from Ineos, made at the start of February.

Ineos has been granted permission to explore for shale gas reserves on land off Bramley Moor Lane in Marsh Lane after an appeal last year.

Campaigners, led by the Eckington Against Fracking group, have raised concerns about the possibility of fracking taking place in the village and have held peaceful protests, marches and meetings.

“What Ineos has done in the last few weeks is release a public statement suggesting that they are struggling to make fracking work within the current regulations,” Mr Rowley wrote. “What that exactly means is unclear but it does suggest that they are having issues at the moment.”

Mr Rowley, who has organised a meeting with residents in Marsh Lane tonight, added that this does not mean exploratory drilling will not go ahead.

He also said that it appears Ineos has not yet met any of the conditions required to start building a well at the Bramley Moor Lane site.

“For now, therefore, it looks like drilling is not immediate or imminent.”