Residents of two Derbyshire towns hit with £100 fines for dropping cigarette butts – as council promises zero-tolerance litter approach

Residents in two Derbyshire towns have been slapped with £100 fines – after being caught dropping cigarette butts on the floor.

On Tuesday, August 2, a Clay Cross resident was served a £100 fine for a littering offence. They had dropped a cigarette end on the floor, which was witnessed by a North East Derbyshire District Council enforcement officer while on patrol.

On Thursday, August 4, a Dronfield resident was hit with a £100 for the same offence – having been caught by another enforcement officer.

An NEDDC spokesperson said: “We have a zero tolerance approach to littering in our district and will issue an £150 penalty notice (reduced to £100 if paid within 10 days) to anyone witnessed littering.

A Clay Cross resident was one of those fined this week.

“The fixed penalty is an alternative to being taken to court. Even if the person picks up the litter, they will still be issued with a fixed penalty notice if it is clear their intention was to leave it.

“Litter can include any waste such as cigarettes ends, chewing gum, cans, bottles, paper, plastic, food and drink containers or wrapping, left over food, and flyers.”