‘It’s sickening’- Derbyshire mother’s heartbreak after flowers stolen from her baby son’s grave

A Derbyshire mother said she was left heartbroken after discovering on Christmas Day that flowers left on her baby son’s grave had been stolen.

By Tom Hardwick
Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 2:37 pm
Sian said she could not understand why anyone would take Kaylan’s flowers.
Sian said she could not understand why anyone would take Kaylan’s flowers.

Sian Woodger visited her son Kaylan’s grave at the cemetery on Oxcroft Lane in Bolsover.

She had brought some artificial flowers and lights, but when she arrived she discovered flowers spelling out her son’s name had been stolen.

Sian and her boyfriend Kyle Ward, both 22, were preparing to welcome their twin boys four months ago.

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Sian asked whoever had taken the flowers to let her know where they were so she could return them to the grave.

After Sian was induced, Kaylan tragically passed away, with his umbilical cord having wrapped around his neck.

She said: “I really don’t understand some people at all. You wouldn’t ever think of stealing something from a graveyard, especially off a baby’s grave as well.

“It’s actually sickening, it really did break my heart and it still upsets me now when I sit down and think about it.

“I don’t understand how someone can do that.”

Sian and Kyle have been helped through the tragedy by their daughter Dolcee and son Kyran.

Sian said staff at the cemetery confirmed they had not moved the decorations from the grave, and that she had been told the flowers were still there on Christmas Eve- meaning someone took them on Christmas Day.

“I’ve rung the cemetery and they said they don’t move stuff at all, and told me they were going to make some enquiries and ring me back, but I haven’t had one phone call back at all.”

“Someone told me on Facebook that they had gone up to the cemetery on Christmas Eve to see their baby and they were still there, so they’ve been taken on Christmas Day.”

Sian said that security needs to be improved on the site, and pleaded with whoever had taken the flowers to return them.

“I just want his name back. I had nearly £1000 of flowers there, and I was saving them to get artificial flowers and keep them forever.

“They need some cameras or a lock at the graveyard. I’m going to get some locks and chains myself and lock everything down anyway.

“If you’ve taken them or know where they are, please just let me know where you have put them so I can get them back. Even if it’s just his name, these are special to me- I’d love to go up one day and his name just be there, but I doubt it.”

Sian said that her daughter Dolcee and Kaylan’s twin brother, Kyran, were helping them recover after the devastation of losing Kaylan.

She added: “When me and Kyle found out I was pregnant, I just had an instinct that it was twins. We went for a private scan to be sure, and when we found out, we were so overwhelmed and excited that we were getting two blessings - we had a gender reveal and it was two baby boys.

“Dolcee, my daughter, was very excited that she was going to have two baby brothers. When she came to the hospital to see me, Kyran and Kaylan she was absolutely mesmerised with Kaylan, she’s the best big sister ever and loves her baby brothers endlessly.

“Kyran is a constant reminder of Kaylan and we will forever be grateful that we get to raise our boy, who will forever live on in his baby brother. He is the most perfect little boy ever and he is definitely keeping us in order after our tragedy, he’s our hero.”