Derbyshire family’s Bichon Frise put down after being attacked by labrador-cross

A Derbyshire couple’s Bichon Frise dog had to be put down after being savaged by a labrador-rottweiler cross, a court heard.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 9:34 am

Owners say the four-year-old pooch - named Marley - sustained “15” puncture marks during the unprovoked mauling - leaving vets with no choice but to euthanise him.

Chesterfield Magistrates Court heard how the tiny family pet was left “covered in blood” after being attacked by the bigger dog.

While its owners were also left with several nasty bites to their hands after trying to defend him - requiring hospital treatment.

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Kevin and Maxine Lomas with Bichon Frise Marley

Crying witnesses told the court once the vicious Labrador was back on its lead little Marley was scooped up - his “white coat just red” - in two towels and put in a bath.

He was then rushed to a vets practice for treatment, however, due to “extensive tissue damage” it was decided nothing could be done for him.

The Labrador cross’s owner - 24-year-old Alfreton woman Lauren Williamson - was found guilty of being a person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.

She was fined £465 for the attack and her dog - now three years old - remains at the family home.

The injuries inflicted on Marley's hindquarters when the other dog latched on

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Marley’s traumatised owners Maxine and Kevin Lomas - speaking after Williamson’s trial - said “the scars of that night will stay with us all forever”.

They added: “As a family we are devastated over the loss of our beautiful boy Marley and in the way his last hours were spent in pain.”

During the trial last week prosecutor Dennis Quinn told how the attack unfolded on a green space between Manor Close and Pennine Close in Newton on September 20, 2018.

The Labrador-Rottweiler cross - pictured here after the attack

Kyle Harvey was walking his fiance’s parents’ petite pooch Marley when the much larger dog ran up and sank his teeth into his “bum” and “hindquarters”.

Mr Harvey told the court how as the growling dog - not on a lead at the time - “latched on” the Labrador cross’s owner Lauren Williamson ran over - grabbing him by the “scruff of his neck”.

However this “just wasn’t working” and as Mr Harvey tried to prise the dog’s jaws open his hand was bitten.

Four-year-old Marley had to be put down following the attack

He eventually was able to free yelping family pet Marley however the bigger dog then bit his girlfriend Naomi Lomas as she pushed Bishon Frise Marley away to safety.

Both were later treated at Chesterfield Royal Hospital - where their wounds were dressed and they were given tetanus jabs and antibiotics.

Naomi Lomas cried as she told the court the last time she ever saw the “very red” little dog was when her father placed him in their bath at home.

Williamson, of Hallfield Road, claimed Mr Harvey had punched the dog and the bite marks to his and his fiance Naomi’s hands were caused by their own dog, Marley.

However, finding her guilty as charged a magistrate told Lauren: “We heard consistent evidence but found it was not credible and highly-improbable.

“We’re satisfied that the injuries to Mr Harvey and Miss Lomas were caused by the Labrador cross.”

Bichon Frise Marley with Kyle Harvey and Naomi Lomas, right, Maxine and Kevin Lomas to their left and Stefan Lomas with fiance Natasha Hadley

She was given an absolute discharge and ordered to pay £465 court costs and £100 compensation to her victims.

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