Cass and Ash. Together Forever...?

Cass and Ash. Together Forever'¦?

Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 1:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 1:41 pm
Rescue dog Ash. Picture courtesy of Rachel Rennie Photography

Two inseparable greyhounds, Ash - a five-year-old male and Cass, and 11-year-old female both looking for a home together

This appeal is one with a bit of a difference, we aren’t merely looking to find a loving home for one of our fabulous dogs, but for two.

Eleven-year-old Cass and four-year-old Ash are two greyhounds so unutterably devoted to each other that we are really, really looking for them to be re-homed together. We appreciate that this is a big ask, but we can’t bear the thought of them being apart. So, here goes…

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It was tragedy that brought them into our care, their owner having sadly passed away, and this event has preceded a massive upheaval in their lives.

Their owner, their home and their routine has been wholly upended, and they are finding it difficult to come to terms with. It is only through each other that they are able cope. Their reflection. Their shadow. Their other half. As one. That’s why we really need to find them a home together.

They are, as is typical of their breed, quiet and placid and rather dainty – Ash spent a good five minutes mewing, hobbling and fastidiously licking his paw after lightly grazing a nettle leaf, for example – they are just a very sweet pair. They are just looking for a settled life, one where they can have some peace, some gentle walks and plenty of TLC. They are not asking for too much, surely?

They both have a tendency for shyness, but are much better when they are together. To see the pair of them curled up in a bed, all their gangly limbs becoming one knotted mass, is adorable. Heart-liftingly so. They are just wonderful together and we therefore implore you to help us find them the home they deserve after their lives have taken such an unfortunate, and unforeseen, turn. Please.

If you are interested in the pair of them, please give our centre a call on 01246 273358.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Rennie Photography.