Amazing shots show how Chesterfield's Horn's Bridge has changed over time

Home to the Growth sculpture and a gateway to Chesterfield, Horn's Bridge has changed massively over the years

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 2:00 pm
Chesterfield Hornsbridge flood.
Chesterfield Hornsbridge flood.

These brilliant retro pictures come from the Derbyshire Times archives along with images submitted by readers. For more images of Chesterfield then and now, visit our retro section.

Horns Bridge retro picture.
Chesterfield Hornsbridge flood.

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Horns Bridge has always been a busy junction for road and rail users. Picture supplied by Alan Taylor.
This image, taken in 1983, shows workers demolishing the bridge. Picture supplied by Alan Taylor.
They had a LOT of bricks to clear. Picture supplied by Alan Taylor.
The clearance was a huge undertaking. Picture supplied by Alan Taylor.
The roads seemed a lot quieter in those days. Picture supplied by Alan Taylor.
The viaduct over Derby Road at Horns Bridge, seen here in 1974, was once a key landmark in the town.
A picturesque shot of the Crooked Spire through the former viaduct structure. Picture supplied by Alan Taylor.
Traffic was kept flowing during demolition work in 1984 as the structure was cleared to make way for the new by-pass.
Work is shown here as part of the demolition work.
Going, going, almost gone. The demolition work continues apace in 1984
December 1983. Picture supplied by Alan Taylor.
An overhead shot of the roundabout in 2007 shows preparation work for what today is the B&Q superstore
Today, Horns Bridge roundabout is a crucial traffic gateway into the town.
Today, the roundabout is home to the striking Growth artwork