Steve Free at Music In The Green, BakewellSteve Free at Music In The Green, Bakewell
Steve Free at Music In The Green, Bakewell

Q and A with characterful Derbyshire record shop Music In The Green

In the characterful Derbyshire town of Bakewell sits a characterful record shop run by a definite character.

Steve Free’s Music In The Green is a crate-digger’s heaven, the shop chock-full vinyl and CD stocked, yet carefully organised by genre and vibe so your geek antennas can twitch away happily towards your preferred sounds.

And if you’re after a compass towards stuff you might like, the very knowledgeable Steve will very happily throw in suggestions based on what you know already gets you off.

Steve’s Music In The Green also covers festivals too, and has been known to natter to some pretty famous folk along the way. So for ‘You met who!’ gossip and a crate-digging delight, Steve’s shop is a music lover’s must.